Work, learn, open-source.

I love to build stuff – seriously, I'm addicted! 🤣 From shipping up quick Proof of Concepts to crafting squeaky-clean code, I'm all about diving into backend, frontend, CLI, web, mobile, web3 applications, scripting, automation, and testing. Currently, I'm excited about web3, software craftsmanship and FP.


  • portfolio-v3

    The latest version of my portfolio where you are now.

    #react #nextjs #tailwindcss #usehooks-ts #netlify #typescript #open-source

  • spacedicks

    10,000 unique NTFs with proof of ownership living on the Polygon blockchain and following the ERC-721 standard.

    #solidity #blockchain #express #ipfs #nft #mocha #svg #typescript #web3

  • usehooks-ts

    Open-source: I'm the creator and the main maintainer of the usehooks-ts React hook library, ready to use, written in Typescript with more than 300k downloads/week.

    #typescript #react #next.js #hooks #tailwind #mdx #react-hooks #reactjs


    Freelance: I've contributed to build the frontend of (with over 2B monthly organic views) for months using React and Typescript.

    #typescript #react #redux #gatsby #scss-modules #design-system


  • 2023
    • anthm


      Freelance: Anthm is building a gamified quiz platform to improve user engagement. I helped to migrate the design system.

    • allfeat-wallet


      Freelance: I build a web3 non-custodial wallet for the Allfeat's Network as a Chrome extension on top on the Polkadot.js one

    • todohub


      Learn: Small project to discover functional programming and DDD in Typescript

    • chess-game


      Learn: Dive into functional programming in F# building a simple CLI Chess game

    • napcat


      CTO: we convert a Twitter signal into a buy order on your Binance account

  • 2022
    • allfeat


      Freelance: I'm currently working at Allfeat as full-stack web3 developer. We build a blockchain on top on Substrate for the music industry. We also have to develop websites, DevTools, SDK, DApps... :)

    • carbon-seeds


      Web3 Landing page (now abandoned).

    • crypto-trading-bots


      Side project: I'm often experimenting algorithmic trading like alpha trading or DEX arbitrage.

    • matrix-rain


      Learn: Little CLI project to discover Python.

    • wallkanda


      Freelance: Build a multi-steps form to issue NFTs.

    • game-of-life


      A game-of-life implementation with Rust and WebAssembly.

    • term-history


      CLI app that shows you which terminal programs you use most often.

    • new-tab


      A very small Chrome extension that reminds me my main goal each time I open a new tab in my browser.

    • lynxee-nft


      A Rust-based smart-contract on the Erlond's network and a React dapp to mint NFTs, built with the Neodium team.

  • 2021
    • hello_grep


      Simplified unix grep clone to how to make a CLI app in Rust.

    • rusty-journal


      Learning project: A command line to-do app written in Rust.

    • svelte-life-in-weeks


      Little front-end pet project to discover Svelte. Are you curious to see your whole life in weeks?

    • telegram-rsi-bot


      Send me the price and the Relative Strength Index (RSI) for some crypto assets, stocks and indexes.

    • the-algorithm-challenge


      Let's practice the algorithms and data-structures using TDD and written in Typescript and Rust (The exercises are from FreeCodeCamp).

    • voting-dapp


      A basic voting dapp (decentralized application) written in Solidity & React.

  • 2020
    • dotfiles


      Personal linux config

    • eslint-config-test


      PoC of eslint config module

    • gatsby-material-typescript-starter


      A simple starter using Typescript & Material-ui.

    • netlify-status-page


      Netlify status page.

    • oser-ecrire


      The "Oser Ecrire"'s Blog.

    • react-calculator-v2


      FreeCodeCamp Frontend challenge - Calculator using react and typescript.

    • react-gallery


      Learning front-end project : Skeleton > Blur Thumbnail > Image lazy-loading.

    • tetris


      Build a Tetris Game using HTML5 Canvas & React + Redux.

    • ts-blockchain-api


      Learning project: Implement a very simple blockchain, served in a REST API and made with Typescript OOP & Express.js.

    • wordpress-to-ndjson


      CLI tool that fetch WordPress data to produce ndjson files for importation.

    • weeship


      Freelance: Dashboard development using React, Redux for Weeship.

  • 2019
    • drum-machine


      Front-end FreeCodeCamp project : Build a drum machine using React.

    • gatsby-starter-mdx-themeui


      A simple Gatsby starter powered by MDX and Theme UI.

    • localhost


      Customize your localhost home page.

    • markdown-previewer


      FreeCodeCamp learning front-end project - Build a markdown previewer using React.

    • pomodoro-timer


      FreeCodeCamp front-end project to learn test-driven development and BEM using react.js.

    • portfolio-v2


      My portfolio using Gatsby.js as front-end and Prismic as CMS.

    • Legacy-headless-portfolio-v1


      WordPress as headless CMS for my personal Portfolio.

    • redux-todo


      To-do app to learn Redux.

    • sportigoo

      #wordpress WordPress website

    • url-shortener


      FreeCodeCamp Micro-services with NodeJS: Build an url shortener (like Bitly).

    • wp-search-n-replace


      SQL query generator to search & replace URLs during website transfer.

    • find-the-missing-word


      Freelance: Data-visualization for a very small app.

    • sire


      Freelance: JAM-stack website build on top of gatsby.js for the Unscuzzy agency.

  • 2018
    • grand-prix-rsm


      website development using WordPress for the Unscuzzy agency.

    • astoria-finance


      website development using WordPress for the Unscuzzy agency.



      Freelance: Website integration using WordPress (frontend from scratch).

    • trace-mobile


      website development using WordPress for the Unscuzzy agency.

  • 2017
    • ctmp


      website development using WordPress for the Unscuzzy agency.

    • les-puces-du-design


      website development using WordPress for the Unscuzzy agency.



      website development using WordPress for the Unscuzzy agency.